Welcome to ask derpstiel!

This is a crack AU where all the art is drawn by me with my eyes closed. This means normal everyday tasks such as eating, drinking, taking a shower or having sex is suddenly very difficult (if not impossible) to do correctly. (Cas has a floating penis… Dean’s freckles like to wander off his face) You can ask anyone, although it mostly focuses on Cas (and his relationship with Dean.)

The story will go along with however the art turns out, which – since I can’t see – I have very little control over! And there will usually be a small description or explanation to go with the drawing.

The story follows canon with the one exception that Dean and Cas are in a romantic and sexual relationship (I have yet to succeed in drawing them having sex, but we’re crossing our fingers.)

Please note: Sometimes I will start over if a drawing turns out completely unrecognizable. All lineart is done with me completely unable to see, though. The colors and shading (and sometimes simple background elements) I do while looking.